Technology Transfer

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If you need a certain technology or innovation to boost your business, the network can help you finding them. If  in your turn offer own innovative technology or product, we will assist you in reaching the right partners. Enterprise Europe Network accommodates the largest database in Europe for advanced technologies and business applications containing more than 13,000 profiles with dozens of new entries every week.

Experts of the network can produce your individual profile on requested or offered technology to be spread through the database or to declare your interests to previously published foreign profiles in your field.

If you are not sure where to start, our experts will visit you on site to discuss opportunities for your technological upgrade or marketing of your innovative ideas.

With your technology profile you can also participate in the bilateral business meetings (B2B) organised by the network across Europe, where pre-scheduled meetings with potential partner can be arranged. These events are usually organized during international fairs and exhibitions, where new technologies meet business opportunities.

Contact your local office of the network for more information about this service.

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