Access to funding

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The Enterprise Europe Network is not a funding source. However, we can provide information on the type of funding available to Bulgarian companies, and advice on how to access these funds.

Initial funding can be challenging for start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses. Do you know who provides venture capital or loans in your region, your country or in Europe? What is the best way to present your business plan to investors? Experts of the Enterprise Europe Network can help your company to receive funding and grow.

We can assist you in assessing the financial position of your company and appropriate sources of funding:

- Venture capital and loans;

- Public financial assistance;

- Tax credits.

Venture capital and low-interest loans are important financing sources for the launch of your company and its growth. We can review your business plan so that it can satisfy the most demanding investors. We can connect you with venture capital firms, banks, investors and business angels, and will inform you about trainings, events and opportunities for application.

Funding from investors can be assisted by regional, national or European authorities. Consult with our experts on how to access public funds for research and development, innovation, investment, consulting services, employment, training or export.

Tax credits are another way to finance your company. Ask your local office for the opportunities for tax credits for research and development, investment or hiring additional staff.

Contact your local office of the Enterprise Europe Network now.

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