Research funding

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Taking part in an EU-funded research project is a great way to boost your company’s competitiveness. The Enterprise Europe Network helps you get there. Our experts will help you identify your needs and potential and connect you with the right partners for successful projects.

EEN is not a funding body but helps companies to get involved in the EU’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7). The progarramme has a budget of €50.5 billion for the period from 2007-13, with €1.3 billion reserved exclusively for small businesses.

First of all you need a convincing idea and a good team. At the Enterprise Europe Network, we can:

  • assess your technology in terms of potential, needs and funding sources;
  • help you to formulate project ideas;
  • find you partners;
  • increase your proposal-writing and project management skills;
  • help you to reach cooperation agreements.

To learn more about how we can help you to foster your research activities, contact your local Enterprise Europe Network branch.

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