Seventh Framework Programme for RTDI (2007-2013)

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FP7  is the main financial instrument through which the European Union supports research and development activities covering almost all scientific disciplines. The programme is considered as a key tool to respond to Europe’s needs in terms of jobs and competitiveness, and to maintain leadership in the global knowledge economy.

FP7 covers the period of 2007-2013 and is devided into 2 major domains:

Euratom Framework Programme dedicated to fusion and nuclear energy research, and

European Community Framework Programme constitutes of four programmes corresponding to the four aspects of the European research:

  • Cooperation
  • Ideas
  • People
  • Capacities

The Cooperation programme supports trans-national R&D activities under 10 thematic areas:

For more information on FP7 visit:

FP7 Official web site

List of National Contact Points

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