Open call for proposals for the pririty axis 4 of OP Human Resources: “Improving access to education and training”"

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Ministry of Education and Science opens call for project proposals under the scheme “Development of vocational education and training in collaboration with employers.”

The invitation is under priority axis 4 of OP “Human Resources Development”: “Improving access to education and training “, Area of ​​Intervention 4.3″ Developing the system for lifelong learning. ”


The main objective is to update vocational education and training by building educational parks between education institutions and employers.

Specific objectives for the call are:

- Involvement of local employers in education in vocational schools
- Adaptation of the educational process to the specific requirements of local employers
- Upgrading the skills of teachers and students in accordance with the specific needs of employers.

Eligible applicants

Can apply professional and vocational schools.

Eligible activities

Activities to be supported include:

1. Building educational parks for new knowledge, skills and competencies needed by local employers on the basis of demonstrated needs.

2. Updating of school curricula in cooperation with local employer.

3. Training of teachers and students to acquire new practical skills.


The total amount  is 7,000,000 Levs.

Deadline: December 3, 2012

Additional Information

A complete set of application documents can be found on the website of the Structural Funds in Bulgaria.

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