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Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) offers a helping hand to organisations willing to improve energy sustainability. The programme creates better conditions for a more sustainable energy future in areas as varied as renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings, industry, consumer products and transport.

The expectation is that by doing this, Europe will also boost its competitiveness, security of energy supply, and innovation standing for the years to come.

Running until 2013, the programme is open to all EU Member States, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. A budget of € 730 million is available to fund projects and put into place a range of European portals, facilities and initiatives.

The call for proposals for 2013 is now open and covers the following areas:

SAVE: Energy efficiency (indicative budget: EUR 15.6 mln) and Key Areas:

• Consumers and products
• Businesses
• Energy efficiency Services and Obligations

ALTENER: New and renewable energy resources (indicative budget: EUR 12.6
mln) and Key Areas:

• Electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-e)
• Heating and cooling from renewable energy sources
• Bioenergy
• Renewable Energy Consumers

STEER: Energy in transport (indicative budget: EUR 9.6 mln) and Key Areas:

• Energy-efficient transport
• Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

Integrated Initiatives (indicative budget: EUR 27.2 mln) and Key Areas:

• Energy efficiency and renewable energy use in buildings
• BUILD UP Skills, the Sustainable Building Workforce Initiative – Training and
Qualification in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy (Pillar II)
• Local energy leadership
• Mobilising Local Energy Investments

The deadline for submitting proposals is 8 May 2013.

For more information vist the official web site of the IIE


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