Eighth National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2011

Thursday, 29 March 2012 print

Applied Research and Communications Fund, Enterprise Europe Network–Bulgaria, jointly with the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism organize for the eighth time a National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2011.

The aim of the contest is to encourage the innovation activities of Bulgarian enterprises, and promote Bulgarian achievements in the field of innovation. The contest is open to innovative enterprises from all sectors of economy.

The annual Innovative Enterprise of the Year Award acknowledges Bulgarian enterprises that have successfully introduced innovations or scientific accomplishments, thus transforming their operation mode and achieving sustainable economic effect.

A company is considered to be innovative provided it has developed and marketed new or advanced products (goods or services) and/or processes over the last three years.

The first stage of the contest is devoted to collecting nominations for innovative companies. Nominations http://www.arcfund.net/index.php?id=1222 can be made by companies, organisations or individuals. In the second stage the nominees are invited to submit an application form, which gives further information on their innovative product/service/process.

The innovation performance of participant companies will be evaluated by an expert panel. The companies with highest ranking in the two categories – “micro and small enterprises” and “medium-sized and big enterprises” will be visited by ARC Fund’s experts. The final step is evaluation by a jury comprising representatives from ministries, research and non-government organisations and others. The award ceremony will be presented at the Eighth National Innovation Forum that will be held in May, 2012.

Nominations to the contest are open until March 30, 2012.